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LIQUIDRed comes from the same family-run business that brings you the Bathroom Butler range of bathroom fittings and accessories.

We’re passionate about bringing great design, quality and innovation to bathrooms across South Africa and the World at affordable prices. From how we package our products, to how we test them, to how they mount on a bathroom wall, it’s clear we are a family obsessed with every little detail. Just see the effect it has on your bathroom.

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Original price was: R465.00.Current price is: R282.00.

Bathroom Accessories

2100 Toilet Paper Holder (2102)

Original price was: R314.00.Current price is: R190.00.
Original price was: R540.00.Current price is: R327.00.
Original price was: R400.00.Current price is: R242.00.
Original price was: R592.00.Current price is: R359.00.

Bathroom Accessories

2100 Double Robe Hook (2111)

Original price was: R159.00.Current price is: R97.00.
Original price was: R667.00.Current price is: R405.00.

Bathroom Accessories

2100 Soap Dish & Holder (2131)

Original price was: R272.00.Current price is: R165.00.
LiquidRed - Bathroom Butler

Bathroom Butler

Can’t find what you’re looking for or want a more lavish lineup? Visit the Bathroom Butler for an even broader range of premium bathroom fittings!