Design Elements for Mini Bathroom Makeovers

Design Elements for Mini Makeovers 

If a complete bathroom revamp is not in the budget, then consider these key design elements and easy upgrades for a powerful effect on a mini-budget. Feel inspired to tackle mini home improvement projects this holiday season. 

The lighting can be pivotal in creating ambiance in any space. The key to lighting in your bathroom is making sure your light fitting is in the right spot. You can take a trip to your local thrift shop for something different which will also complement your current bathroom look, or, if you like your current chandeliers but it doesn’t work with the décor in your bathroom, a simple spray paint can change the look completely.


We recently spoke to Karen Steyn, Interior Designer and owner of The Home Studio who suggests that a colour for your home can be identified by looking in your cupboard to see what sort of colours you prefer wearing as they often extend to other elements of your life, including your home. When choosing a colour palette, Karen suggests “If you’d like to include colour but are not confident enough to include a variation of a few shades, stick to the rule of 3 and choose only 3 colours to work with.”

Wallpaper can be a great option for your bathroom. It offers a vast variety of colours, patterns and textures. We recently chatted to HEID Interior Design  who are fans of using wallpaper with many of their projects. “We use wallpaper because it gives a different element to the room. It is a lovely option to look into and also inexpensive” says Interior Designer, Hannah Lord. If the bathroom area is constantly damp, however, opt to either paint a similar design or stencil contrasting paint colours.


C​hoosing new bathroom accessories or tapware and décor items is by far the simplest way of reviving the space. It is often surprising that an element that makes a tremendous difference is not given more consideration. Andrew Taylor, Managing Director at LIQUIDRed says "Always make sure that your bathroom accessory choice complements the overall look you’re planning for this space. Not only can the right bathroom accessories change the atmosphere of the bathroom entirely, but they can also create an ease to the bathroom style.”


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